A Bit More About The Laughing Cavalier’s Story.

So who is the Laughing Cavalier and why is he writing this blog?  A thumbnail sketch of me looks something like this: I’m part of a wonderful loving family BUT have not always been as engaged in family life as I should be. I’m relatively financially literate and responsible BUT I’ve lacked a strong focus … Continue reading A Bit More About The Laughing Cavalier’s Story.

Welcome To The Laughing Cavalier

MEET THE LAUGHING CAVALIER  “You want to change your life AND save the world?..........” So does The Laughing Cavalier. This a blog about my family life. It’s about the small steps we are taking to lead happy and fulfilled lives, while also enhancing the wellbeing of our community and playing our part in giving the … Continue reading Welcome To The Laughing Cavalier