Welcome To The Laughing Cavalier


 “You want to change your life AND save the world?……….”

So does The Laughing Cavalier.

This a blog about my family life. It’s about the small steps we are taking to lead happy and fulfilled lives, while also enhancing the wellbeing of our community and playing our part in giving the planet a fighting chance.



Upon reaching the age of 40 something The Laughing Cavalier has decided it’s time to take stock. He finds himself at home in the Australian suburbs, sharing his domain with Mrs Laughing Cavalier, two junior cavaliers, one canine cavalier, one feline cavalier and many, many, many (too many?) of the inanimate accoutrements of family life.


His life is good. He is happy. But there’s nagging in the background (and he’s pretty sure it’s not just Mrs Laughing Cavalier)

  • How do we strike a balance between enjoying the possessions that matter to us and avoiding unnecessary clutter in our lives?
  • Can we manage our expenditure and investments to maximise our financial freedom with a minimal amount of time and effort? (And how the hell do we always spend so much at the supermarket?!).
  • What can we do to make the world fairer, more sustainable and more prosperous? (We think it includes eating more plants……and also gardening……).
  • Does unwavering support of the Geelong Football Club provide insight into a surprisingly wide range of critical issues facing humanity? (The correct answer is yes).
  • Has the dog been fed?
  • What should we have for dinner?

(Those last two are Mrs Laughing Cavalier…..not nagging…….just asking)


Join me as I navigate this journey. Many of the posts will relate to my personal experience, but I’ll incorporate some broader perspectives as well.


Mrs Laughing Cavalier will also contribute from time to time – particularly if she feels I’m drifting too far into the territory of my alter ego (The Morose Over-Analyser), or if she thinks there’s too much wafting around thinking about the best way to think about things and not enough actual doing things.


The best time to start is now.

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